Web page design and user interface design

is the two most frequently used word in the field of web design. In most cases, they are replaced by one another. A lot of people inside and outside of this field think it’s basically the same two meanings. But can they really confuse each other? I don’t have the habit of being entangled with some nouns. For example, I won’t argue with others between "designer" and "designer". But I think the two words of web design and user interface design contain a lot of things. The contrast of these two words can lead to the development process and thinking of some design fields.

note: this blog refers to user interface design without special instructions, especially in the web page user interface design.

back to the user interface design origin

doesn’t do archaeology here, but just recall that when the term "user interface" was originally mentioned in the field of Internet, it was extended from the human-computer interaction interface in the field of industrial design. Thus, when it comes to interfaces, there is bound to be the concept of interaction. From the understanding of the human-computer interface itself, it is the medium of interaction between man and machine (this article refers to computer). If the machine is CPU, hard disk and other hardware, so the interface is a variety of software (including operating system); if the object is the object of some human interaction in the software (there may be data ah ah, media files etc.) then the interface (GUI) is the familiar interface of the software. In the field of software development, interface design has been very mature, have different GUI Builder in various environments, various systems, and has called for the interface must be people to operate through the medium of data interface". This is different from web design.

from the user’s needs to see web design

What are the requirements for

users to browse web pages? Abstract can be summarized as 1: browsing information; 2: operating data. The data here refers to the data lying in the database. Users simply browse information, will not be behind the page "data" any operation, but users can click on the link, jump the page. This part of the web design is different from the user interface design of a major place. The former will spend a considerable amount of effort on how to convey information accurately through design, while the latter involves only a small part of the transmission of information. That’s why designers of software interfaces face big challenges when they’re doing web design, and they’re not very successful (though the "software like" style is also popular).

it is not it that contains a part of the functions of user interface design in web design, which is part of the operating data? In fact can be so, web design in interactive mode and interactive mode of user interface design are figured out. But you also need to be aware of the difference in interaction patterns between the two. At present, due to network speed, browser standards and other reasons, the perfect mode of interaction applied to web pages is far less than that in user interface design

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