How to improve the operating performance of the store

business is certainly hope can get benefits, efforts to increase turnover numbers of every business people are concerned, no matter what business, for the owner, most want to do is to enhance the operating performance of shops, only to enhance the performance, to ensure fast money. So, how to enhance the store’s operating performance? Here are three tips!

1, do a little better than the next door

shop business is to get together business, consumers enter a specific shopping district to buy their own satisfaction with the goods, mainly to compare the results of the selection. Bear in mind that consumers can only be in a very limited range of direct commodity comparison. As a result of eating, as long as the shop next door to do a little better, you can significantly improve the operating performance of the store.

good and bad, after the comparison of the relative results. Some special locations, such as tourist shops, even general merchandise, service level is difficult to compliment, the price is still high, is still full of customers, Business Flourishes, the fundamental reason is that consumers only in a limited range of choices, even there is no choice.

in fact, the shop is full of commercial street is the same reason. Consumers only from the limited information, as well as their direct look at the scope of consumer choice. The competition is absolutely Limited business competition, competition mainly from the "next door" shop. The next door is a limited area, usually within 500 meters of walking distance. According to this principle, if your shop is a little worse than the shop next door, although it is very good, not the same, business is impossible.

2, employing excellent sales staff

experienced shop owners are aware that the excellent shop salesperson can easily improve the operating performance of more than 20%, do not believe you can look at the shop sales statistics. Modern store business, more than 60% of the turnover from the consumer’s decision to purchase behavior, that is, a lot of consumers in the sale of the temporary decision to purchase a specific site.

we know that good store design and decoration, marketable product lines, as well as a variety of promotional activities to attract consumers into the stores of knowledge browsing effect, whether to buy depends largely on sales skills, excellent salesperson are selling master, can make the customer most willing to pay.

excellent salesperson on the one hand is the result of learning and training, on the other hand, there are natural factors, the most critical thing is the experience of the specific industry commodity sales. 20% operating results means that the monthly income of several thousand dollars or even thousands of dollars, the operation of the store must not ignore this factor.

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