Tongue 2 turned Tmall marketing tool

is good at thinking about the Internet to do the marketing of the electricity supplier industry, the tongue 2 means that the launch of the emergence of a wave of new consumer concerns. Whether it is a platform, or vertical electricity supplier, or is a single handedly do electricity supplier entrepreneurs, are trying to use the new consumer focus to seize more people’s eyes.

tongue 2 after the launch, Tmall cooperation can be broadcast on the evening in on-line plot ingredients and CCTV, behind this rapid response chain is the platform and suppliers of race.

because broadcast and was given high tongue feelings of sand radish, fish sauce is famous, they themselves in the local unknown to the public. Although the story of the broadcast makes consumers buy enthusiasm, but the sharp decline in the search index after the peak of the majority of consumers are also more inclined to buy the purchase of novelty. However, the purchase of food itself is full of randomness, F2O with the rapid response of the electricity supplier to meet the needs of consumers to buy freely, and even guide consumers to purchase demand becomes more critical.

Quick response chain

"tongue on Chinese" aired in the first quarter, Tmall is found in the data in the background, "the various ingredients mentioned in the tongue 1" search heat straight up. Consumers are watching a documentary at the same time, will try to rapidly produce delicacy flavors, but when they go to the business platform for the first time for food, but found that some popular ingredients are not easy to buy, and to search out the ingredients, and can not identify the series as authentic as.

this is more intuitive to demand the Tmall and "tongue 2" cooperation opportunities.


4 on the evening of 17 August, Tmall "on the tip of Chinese page to start preheating, 21 o’clock after the first episode aired, special official page also shows the rapid introduction of the documentary of all the ingredients in the special page for display, consumers can watch TV, while buying food.

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