Sugar free food investment feasibility analysis

modern foods are mostly high sugar and high heat, so that patients with high blood glucose and a strong sense of health of the population to avoid and far away, but do not want to eat and eat, the mentality of these people is also widespread distress. Therefore, sugar free food came into being, open a sugar free food store to become a timely choice for some entrepreneurs.

The youth is the main purchase in

investment shop

operation of the road

1, for patients with diabetes, health records can be set up to track the service, if the conditions allow the best door-to-door. Sugar free food store for service requirements are very high, if the staff do not understand the knowledge of diabetes, it is difficult to obtain customer trust.

2, to carry out promotional activities, free of charge for customers free blood pressure, health counseling. Contrary to the general clerk, Miss Liu did not try to sell sugar free food to customers, but often advised customers not to eat without restraint, because sugar free food, although no sugar, but still contains a certain amount of heat. Under the guidance of Miss Liu, the customer will buy on a regular basis.

3, in order to retain repeat customers, attract popularity, but

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