Soap ten brands list

a comfortable home life, we also need to prepare a variety of daily necessities. Among them, the soap is a kind of daily washing can not be missing, people use soap can be traced back to the history of Italy. From the beginning of 80s, China began to gradually use soap. Choose famous brand products. The following is a small series of soap finishing ten brands list, look at these brands, you are familiar with it?

soap ten brand ranking NO.1.Safeguard Shufujia: started in 1963 in the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, one of the world’s major commodity company, the leading brand of personal cleansing products market Chinese, Procter & Gamble (China) Co.,

soap ten brand ranking NO.2.LUX lux: founded in 1889 the United States, hair care brand reputation worldwide, is the first piece of beauty soap, with excellent quality and star people, Unilever (Chinese) Investment Company Limited

soap ten brand ranking NO.3.OLAY OLAY: in 1950, Procter & Gamble’s attention to skin care products, bath products R & D / skin experts, OLAY cream is famous in the world, creating a precedent for nourishing skin care cream vitamin

soap ten brands list: Dove NO.4.Dove 1957 was founded in the United States, the world famous brand of women, hair / skin nurse experts, the world’s leading brand cleaning, Unilever (China) Investment Company Limited

soap ten brands list: NO.5. six well-known trademarks in Shanghai City, Shanghai city brand, open the market to the toilet water brand of personal care products, personal care of well-known Chinese herbal medicine, Shanghai Jahwa Abt Associates Inc

soap ten brand ranking NO.6. Shanghai soap: founded in 1923, Shanghai city famous brand product, Melissa sandalwood soap laundry soap / fan / fan brand soap and other products sold at home and abroad, Shanghai soap Co.,

soap ten brand ranking NO.7.Hazeline HAZELINE: from the world’s leading hair care brand Sunsilk, China well-known personal care brands, its products be arranged carefully and popular, Unilever (Chinese) Co.,

soap ten brand rankings began in 1992, South Korea: NO.8.LG bamboo salt toothpaste market representative brand, famous enterprise specialized in research and production of chemical products of daily use, LG life health Limited by Share Ltd

soap ten brands list NO.9. full Ting MANTIN>

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