Shop name to consider the long-term development of the brand

for the development of a shop, the proper name is particularly important, because of this, for many investors, will pay attention to the name of the shop. This year, the street a lot of every hue shop, is also the name of a wide variety, but really creative and pleasing to the eye is not too much." Mr. Zhao, who is a citizen of Shandong, Ji’nan, said his words represent the aspirations of many people. Here in the street or some bland or nonsensical name, said his views.

"now focus attention on the economy, a lot of people know that a good name is the key to attract guests, besides a city name, can also represent the city’s cultural development level, but the feeling of Ji’nan street names are many insipid." Small Yan read marketing in the provincial capital of a college student said, now people in the name of the degree of attention, as the primary stage, "of course, in addition to not pay attention, sometimes may also with cultural qualities, some shopkeepers scratching for a long time, can not think of a catchy name and content."

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readers said that some names point to create their own traces, directly with the operator name name name do, some even to the film, although convenient, but people don’t have deep impression." In the provincial capital of a advertising company, Mr. Liu said that he felt no creative name is second, and some are deliberately imitating brand name, not what meaning, and makes people feel copycat, hypocritical, "there are still some name, is a look at the English translation of the name Chinese sounds out of order over, people have a look the nouveau riche."

also said that although the name of curry favour by claptrap in a short period of time to attract eyeballs, but there is no benefit for the long-term development of the brand.

so, how businesses to shop name? Take names should pay attention to what? Famous brand planning experts Li Fangyi said, the firm name, usually transliteration, number, name, function and so on, either way, eye-catching at the same time, must reflect the business shop, "such as polyphone as the brand name is a basic taboo, generally ambiguous, so named as far as possible to avoid. In addition, do not meet the requirements of the national language standards, if there are objections to the registered trademark."

if you just want to attract customers in a short period of time, this name may be very simple. However, if we want to make a shop to get more long-term development, nature also needs to consider the long-term development of the brand, so that we can have a more appropriate name, let the store can have a more lasting prosperity.

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