What are the new agricultural entrepreneurship needs

now the development of agriculture needs what kind of entrepreneurial opportunities? Take a look at the current market trends, our agricultural market is constantly exploring the shape, what is the most needed in the modern agricultural industry?

most is not the lack of funds but the concept and technology of


"industry chain stretched as far as possible to have the best, complete coverage of their field chain." Concerned about the long-term investment in agriculture, recently to Luoyang to inspect the Yunfeng fund director and general manager Zhu Yikai for example, such as poultry, from the feed, seedling, eggs, chicken products to slaughter and processing, channel control, there can be a source of coverage and terminal industry chain is the best.

"in a sense, agricultural enterprises in Henan is not the lack of funds, but the idea, management, marketing and new technology etc.." In Jiuding Desheng Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Baoying eyes of investors for agriculture in Henan is not only the capital, more important is the idea and technology.