Husband and wife together to sell Egg Tart delicious recipe to become rich

delicious handmade Egg Tart, bursting with popularity, while operating the shop is a loving couple. This shop looks unremarkable, but it can be sold every day, 200 Egg Tart, business is booming.

A manual

44 year old Zhang Guicheng is Neijiang Dongxing District, Shuangqiao countryman, in Zhejiang before Taizhou opened 10 years of taxi, his wife He Suying is working in the factory. Later the couple planned to do a little business in May 2010, Zhang Guicheng went to a training class of Hangzhou snacks special study to make Egg Tart after a year, returning the Egg Tart store this several square meters in Xiang Shan road.

in the shop before, Zhang Guicheng and his wife were investigated in Neijiang Egg Tart". In comparison, he felt his Egg Tart advantage is pure Handmade, "the taste of fragrant." Especially eat a western fast food brand Egg Tart, Zhang Guicheng with confidence: "than their delicious, they did not have their sweet greasy."

"investigation" after the end, Zhang Guicheng and his wife from Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places to buy insulation cabinet, stainless steel table, mixer and other equipment, "Zhang Egg Tart" officially listed.

crowned "Neijiang’s best to eat Egg Tart"

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