How to open a business for a long time

fast food is the most important meal of the day, so the demand for fast food in the market is still very large. With the rapid demand for fast food, fast food restaurant is not an easy thing to do, to have a certain way, methods, in order to make the business lasting hot.


style fast food has always been to convenient, high quality and inexpensive as the main features to the community as the main target, so the positioning of any Chinese fast food must be popular low, the. How to open a Chinese fast food restaurant, high grade fast food rich people do not come to eat, the poor can not afford to eat, that is, people often say, "high, not low". Fast food business secret of current Chinese fast food most working-class, particularly working-class white-collar workers in the students, and the floating population. Therefore, welcome, fast-food restaurant location should be chosen in the factories, office buildings, bustling commercial district and school near the working class or student concentrated areas, how to open a Chinese fast food restaurant. The station, wharf, and traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source.

fast-food shop size and decoration

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