What are the common traits of successful people

a successful entrepreneur not only has the independent charm, but also has the unusual explosive force. There are many factors affecting the success of entrepreneurship, the most important of which is the entrepreneurial choice, entrepreneurial management, as well as headquarters strength, the most important is the ability to self. The following is a common feature of successful people in common:

Good at convincing others influence the extraordinary

: because in the process of interpersonal communication found themselves relative to others, thinking more agile, more thorough understanding. The ultimate form of a psychological advantage, can lead the nose of ordinary people. (cause: high IQ, help improve communication efficiency)

indifferent compassion: in fact is an external representation of rational thinking, not thinking, do not analyze irresolute and hesitant meaningless, avoid wrong decisions. There are two causes: one is the result of rational thinking, and the other is the selfishness that is shown by the low moral consciousness (


unbelievable willpower: in fact, willpower is a kind of representation, for it is not a psychopath they adhere to the teeth, in fact they are intoxicated in the process. And women go shopping will have obvious feeling, a woman at 10 in the morning to 10 o’clock in the evening stroll is all you Jin, 5 PM may have been as unbearable, do not think that women adhere to the teeth, they actually enjoy the process, no woman who will go shopping. (reason: because of love, so continue to immerse and enjoy)

: never yield in spite of reverses is a kind of representation, others think he failed, he believes that the event is still in progress, ending in the back: or he thought he failed to pursue the goal of micro.

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