Women’s shirts top ten brands list

is not only easy to mix, but also can wear a variety of styles, so that the shirt has always been a favorite dress of many women. After all, the shirt is both simple and stylish, is a must-have for each MM wardrobe, a suit, vest, skirt, pants, love how to take on how to ride. Whether it is BF or lattice wind, lace or simple white shirt, are neat, can also be fresh sweet, here Xiaobian to introduce women’s shirts ten brands list, so that you can choose their own style of shirt brand!

Womens shirt ten brand ranking NO.1 VEROMODA dimensional


VERO MODA, the ten largest brand of women’s clothing, the famous European fashion company, Denmark BESTSELLER’s famous brand, the unique taste of women’s professional casual wear brand, one of Europe’s largest fashion group.

Womens shirt ten brand ranking NO.2 brother GIRDEAR

brother blouse, the pursuit of the perfect combination of mature charm and workplace and fashion clothing, into the workplace, let women show intellectual beauty.

Womens shirt ten brand ranking NO.3 Etam Etam

in style, to the city of ETAM based on the continuation of simple and smooth lines, the use of popular comfortable fabrics, and adapt to the trend of casual dress. The different texture of the fabric with the cross, so that you get rid of the formal office suite, in the office of the same shine.

women’s shirts ten brands list NO.4 Pacific bird PEACBIRD

Pacific women’s shirts, advanced design concepts, fashion design style, so that you always grasp the international fashion elements, the fashion industry has become a popular barometer of the Pacific women’s clothing with its high visibility.

women’s shirts ten brands list NO.5 Only

European fashion trend leader, with a distinctive personality design and highly iconic fashion fashion brand in northern Europe, the shirt is simple and unique, is the first choice among many brands!

women’s shirts ten brands list NO.6 G2000

G2000 unique leisure style, high quality light and elegant, simple and elegant style, all-match changeable. Shirt with skinny pants is feminine, yet stylish and handsome; with skirts or shorts, personality charm.