What are the names of plush toys company

toy market is very broad, there are many kinds of composition, in which plush toys by the numerous consumer favorite, has a good business market. Because of this, there will be a lot of investors want to start a plush toy company. However, the successful opening of such a company, it is necessary to have a correct naming skills. So, plush toy company named skills?

(1) plush toy company name should be brief and lively. Fewer words, fewer strokes, easy to communicate with consumers, easy for consumers to remember, but also arouse the public’s imagination, meaning richer. The number of words of the name has a certain impact on the cognitive level. The higher the number of words, the higher the degree of awareness, that is, the shorter the name, the more communication.

(2) plush toy company name should be consistent with the company’s philosophy, the purpose of service, which helps to shape the image of the company.

(3) plush toy company name should have its own uniqueness. The name of a company with a personality can be avoided in the name of another company, so as not to confuse the public memory, and can deepen the public impression of the company. For example, the Beichen group’s " Beichen " world express " heaven and earth " Lenovo Group " Lenovo " and other names, have a unique personality, impressive.

(4) plush toy company name should have the extraordinary boldness of vision, has the impact, the boldness of vision, to give people a shock. For example, the four group of " " from the English STONE homonym, meaning stone, a symbol of Caine stone to the high and new technology to the forefront of the impact.

(5) plush toy company name to loud, easy to open. Such as " McDonald’s " three words, loud and rhythmic, and therefore very powerful. The name of a mouthful, do not have a strong sense of rhythm, bad pronunciation effect, is not conducive to communication, so it is difficult to achieve public consensus.

(6) plush toy company name should be rich in auspicious color. For example, Goldlion Esprit Far East Limited " Goldlion " originally called " ", due to the golden lion; lion with some local dialect expression, " gold lost " the meaning of this name is not auspicious taboo, the Golden Lion (GOLDLION) " " modified " Goldlion " intended to put a lot of money for the people. Just think, such a company who does not like, who is not willing to communicate with it!

(7) plush toy company’s name to choose to have a sense of the times. The name of the era is full of the characteristics of the times

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