Tea shop to open the business proposal

open tea stores need to cater to the needs of the market, if you do not understand the local market, the pricing is not scientific, the product is not able to attract consumers, then it will naturally face failure. If you want to create success, must be ready to work in these important areas, make operation more peace of mind.

understand the business area consumer tastes

on the quality of tea such as whether the right of final decision in the consumer for the operator, the key is to be based on consumer tastes supply, different areas of consumer tastes are different, such as the North South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. Each region in various regions are not the same, taking Beijing as an example, Dongcheng District enjoys rich, thick soup, fragrant, taste a little less like Haidian, soup yellow and bright, the suburbs are like bitter taste a little heavy, resistant foam on the line, so they often require the operator to investigate, and consumer contacts, for needs to update the taste.

reasonable pricing

tea sales price has been a very difficult problem to solve the pre price is too high, through the role of the media, consumers stop tea". Now due to fierce competition, many people sell too low, and some even lower than the cost price, resulting in vicious competition. I think good quality at the same time, there must be a reasonable price, first determine the tea shop in the cost price, calculate your operating costs and reasonable profit for your reference, the market set a reasonable price, neither profiteering, nor low price competition, of course, famous tea the special technology of tea, due to their high artistic value of specific pricing, I think it should be.

open tea stores only understand the market needs, positioning accuracy, can be successfully extended to the market. If you want to open up a bigger market, you need to pay attention to these links. The above analysis is only a reminder to join the business, if you want to make a profit, but also need to do more, learn more.

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