Jiangsu small and micro enterprise loan platform on the line up to 5 million

entrepreneurs in China’s entrepreneurial lending channels are mainly from a variety of policy assistance and private investment, but there are problems such as information barrier, inconvenience. Under the guidance of the national government, a number of private capital began to butt joint venture with young entrepreneurs, so that the loan is no longer difficult.

"talent" by the Jiangsu provincial re Guarantee Corporation and the Bank of Jiangsu province will promote talent and build three party cooperation service, covering the province of high level Talents Innovation enterprise. In the past, talent companies need to find banks everywhere to fight for loans, and often less difficult to obtain mortgage loans for fixed assets, or high cost of loans. Now they only need to re login Jiangsu small and micro financial services network, provide personnel documents and other information, and the borrowing enterprise actual controller couples to provide credit guarantees, can be obtained within a year 1 million – 5 million yuan credit and loan interest rates and the cost of the comprehensive of less than 7% years." Jiangsu reinsurance financial information service Limited by Share Ltd responsible person.

it is reported that as the Department of state owned small and micro financial services network platform, and preserving the small and micro financial services network will release real-time state and province related investment policy information, various financial institutions small and micro financial products, our province Small and micro businesses financing needs information, interaction and matching, matching more Small and micro businesses rapid and low cost to obtain financing.

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