Start from the stall

entrepreneurship is now a lot of people intend to, but how to put this plan into reality? We all know that everything is Many a little make a mickle.! So want to make a big business, we can start from the stall!

and vice minister of construction Chou Baoxing said in September 2006 that the small traders should be part of a city of diversity, "our city should be tolerant, should give them a reasonable distribution, to give more guidance." At present, for the "ban" on the road to warn more and more non City, the main road to allow stallage. However, due to the different systems of different cities, operators should comply with local regulations, familiar with the city management regulations, it is best not to explicitly prohibit the area of a stall.

now stands with family pride and calm, they accumulate funds for the promotion of products, with the stall stall, the completion of the form of the initial process of entrepreneurial start. When the stall to return, change, not only products and features, but also for entrepreneurship, business ideas.

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