How Jobs was successful

there are three apples in the world are more famous, one is eaten by Adam and Eve of apple, and one is hit the apple on the head of Newton, the last one is the apple invented by Jobs! Apple’s mobile phones are very popular in the world, a cell phone can have such a big reputation, it is too powerful, let us look at the Apple’s father Jobs’s legendary entrepreneurial path.

1955 Apple was born in February 24th, Steve · Jobs was born in San Francisco, he was just born, cruel ruthless at a San Francisco restaurant’s bar manager with the chic mother abandoned. Fortunately, a good couple took in the poor bastard.

19 years old, just read the first grade university Jobs, whim, dropped out of school to become a clerk Atari video game company. Before long, the young and the restless he was interested in Buddhism, even don’t go to India, across the seas follow archmages practice. The results not only learn Buddha, as can be imagined, the road also suffered. He had to return to the Atari made an engineer.

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