What are the three aspects of the shop name

in order to give the shop a good name, a name can be attracted to consumers, many shopkeepers in the name of the shop but the choice of a lot of time. Wife opened a small shop (name not to say), the name does not seem to be any special place, but she chose to spend some time, we talk about the name of the following should pay attention to the problem.

first, try not to name the same with other people.

on the one hand, not to get confused when buyers active search; on the other hand, you don’t need to borrow someone else’s name and credit delusion to bring their own, it is possible to avoid a similar baby. But Taobao’s name multitude, we encountered a problem when choosing the name: whatever you can think of the name, as if others are used, after repeated screening, we finally selected, fortunately, no name.

second, it’s best to add English to your name.

I am learning a foreign language, so I know the role of language, we add in the name of English is not to curry favour by claptrap we also have more or xenophilia, profound thoughts. On the one hand, she reflects the quality of your store positioning, on the other hand, also provides the possibility of future search. Although our customer base is mainly domestic, but this does not mean that foreigners cannot search, I had briefly done foreign trade, but also to use a web site space for their own products, understand the importance.

so, we should put their store as a platform for a more broad space than the store through the network platform; in theory, your baby may be in the world any corner of the people see, so if you can give your baby with English, patience is not far away surprise.

third, from the beginning to establish brand awareness.

Now Taobao

shop a lot, fierce competition, there is no guarantee of his shop to support long, but there is a saying that good: Li Jiacheng’s struggle did not know he would become a business tycoon.

we have some people day after set up their own business empire, this is a process of accumulation, the result of this process is the brand, so start from the establishment of the height of the brand to his shop name, stand high, can see far. I don’t care how far I can go, but I knew my direction and the route from the start.

of course, if you want to play a very appropriate name, the need to pay attention to the natural far more than so much content, but the above three points, but the need to attract the attention of shopkeepers. Well, if you’re a shopkeeper, you want to give the shop

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