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business is not a strength of hard work, a lot of the time, to learn more about some things, for their own career development will have a very big help. As a senior vice president of Fortune 100 companies in the United States, providing IT services for the world’s 48 thousand end users is not an easy thing. Long working hours, high pressure, but also encounter critical customers. Even so, it’s nothing compared to entrepreneurship.

is the 10 thing I want to know before I start a business, because they could have helped me through the more important years of the startup.

1. do not create new products, focus on solving the problem.

42%’s new products will fail, because there is no demand for such products. This is the case, 42% of which are not interested, because your product is not wanted. Therefore, try to avoid the development of new tall products, but to find the problem to be solved. As long as there is a problem, there will be demand.

2. give up the idea of overnight success.

even those companies with the shortest cycle of fame, such as Amazon and YAHOO, have at least 3 years to gain recognition, and most companies are really successful in the next 10 years. So if your goal is to become a billionaire in the next startup, be prepared for a protracted war.

3. focus on their strengths rather than weaknesses.

your success depends on your strengths, so be sure to focus on this area. We all have weaknesses, we can outsource these areas or hire someone to solve this problem. Spending too much energy on your weaknesses will inevitably reduce your investment in the area of strength, and is not conducive to the use of time.

4. set up a correct team.

we can’t do everything on our own, we need help, but we should make sure that we get useful help. 29% of startups fail because of problems with their teams. So be sure to take the time to evaluate the team you need and hire the best person you can get.

5. if you can not do it, give up as soon as possible.

failure is a part of entrepreneurship, people should not only see it as expected, but also to develop appropriate plans. The best way to deal with a business failure is to close the business as soon as possible. One of the most unwise, in the enterprise still want to approach death slow, business can occur.

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