Chongqing house prices change little house accounted for half of the fast

for house prices, has always affected the hearts of millions of people. Did not pay attention to the timely payment of housing prices, want to seize the opportunity to buy the most cost-effective! Bought a house in the attention, look to buy the house price increase is still falling! Today, together with Xiaobian look at the prices in Chongqing.

lobular Chongqing (real estate), currently in Beijing (real estate) work. Second tier cities property market fiery news overwhelming, so she changed the original plan to travel, taking advantage of the May Day holiday on the back of the home when the "Amoy room trip".

little change in house prices, but more people showings

Chongqing is a municipality directly under the central government, but the performance is inferior to Beijing, Shanghai (real estate) and Tianjin (real estate).

looked at several regional real estate, housing prices did not change much, but the house was significantly more." Compared with last year the Spring Festival home, give leaflets leave the deepest impression is that, during the Spring Festival, "a real estate in the Guanyin Bridge shopping district near the average price of 11000 yuan / square meters, now the price has not changed, but it was submitted in 2018." After a series of comparison, lobular lock in the eyes of a home housing, rent almost enough to pay for the month, not what repayment pressure. Chongqing is now the implementation of the housing loan does not recognize the policy, if the loan to buy a house, up to two sets of loans; if the full payment, you can buy."

I bring customers, foreigners accounted for nearly half of the

in Amoy room on the road, lobular found that investment is not a minority. In the event of a North Road, a man in Shanghai after reading it for a balcony with the Jiang Jingfang, "used to see Beijing, Shanghai at forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan per square meter of housing, at the Chongqing house is really cheap." In a real estate located in Nanping District, lobular met three people in Henan, "their purpose is very clear, is to invest, just look at the one bedroom."

real estate intermediary also targeting foreign investment pockets. Lobular in the process of leaving both Beijing mobile phone number, but also left the local number of Chongqing, Beijing has been an intermediary calls, a few days a few phone calls, but also continue to send SMS messages."

, an intermediary sales staff told reporters, the number of showings in the near future is indeed a significant increase in the number of visitors, I take a look at the customer, almost half of the foreigners accounted for." A Nanping District real estate sales staff also said that from the point of view of foreign listings sold, turnover accounted for about 10% of the proportion of customers.

Chongqing online real estate data show that in April, the main city of Chongqing Yishoufang turnover of about 37 thousand units, the chain rose in March recommended

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