Generous benevolence management to make the supermarket more orderly operation

how to supermarket management, different owners have different views, naturally there will be a different approach. As the saying goes: "one hundred people, all kinds." The world’s most difficult to manage the people, to give full play to their good management, the role of the knowledge is too big. Only by constantly learning, constantly explore, learn from each other, in order to gradually enrich their management experience.

I have been in the supermarket for 12 years this year. There are more than 18 employees in the store. My management model is the base salary + commission + quarterly evaluation excellent shop assistant award, this incentive mechanism is very good to mobilize everyone’s sales confidence, who works best, who can get the best benefits. The competition is fair, as long as you have the ability, wide sea diving, sky."

a shop has a sound system is not enough, when the boss has to be easy-going, decent language, respect for the clerk. Remember the name, remember the birthday of the clerk, don’t lose your temper, and the clerk who mingle, you only have affinity and appeal. If there is too dignified distance, is not conducive to good communication with the staff, the atmosphere is not harmonious, affect everyone’s mood. A good shop should be fresh joy, humor, everyone in harmony, atmosphere and regulations such bidirectional propulsion, can let me play the orderly operation of the supermarket, the best effective management mechanism.

"management" is a very deep knowledge, if you want to get more knowledge, but also need to continue to learn and learn from shopkeepers. And Liu Bei with good Zhu Geliang, got the world. As a virtue, like Liu Bei to gather the people, so, to a xiongbayifang. So, in the supermarket management process, if you can do generous benevolence, I believe that the supermarket will be better operational development.

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