Find out the market before opening a special restaurant

grassroots singer countless, grassroots entrepreneurs everywhere, many entrepreneurs want to start from scratch, the restaurant market potential is unlimited, the attention of countless entrepreneurs. Want to open a small shop when the boss should do a good job in the food and beverage industry market research.

"experts have a shot, it is not known. A station on the roadside, you know can not shop". In fact, experts, such research is very simple, of course, where they do not call "research", called "thoroughly". Hebei Zhou Guanglun is such an expert. The following is his "years of experience, make a living away from home" is the unique secrets is the statements of a school.

thoroughly first touch their own "bottom"

rental store early member

determines the amount of gold investment, the restaurant location, size, type and almost looks. According to practice, the mass catering store rent can not be higher than the amount invested by 1/10. In the preparation process of the restaurant, there are four aspects to spend the most: store rent, equipment purchase, renovation, start-up funds.

because lots and the scale of the city is different, the rent difference is relatively large, at the same time according to the restaurant positioning of different decoration cost fluctuation is also very powerful, you can just use hundreds of pieces of painted walls, can also be richly decorated with hundreds of thousands of. Start up at least 5 times the store rent, the amount of equipment used to purchase at least more than 3 times the store rent. After such a general calculation, we can determine the store rent.

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