After the failure of entrepreneurship

there are some things we lost only know regret, after the failure of the venture, said, will also have to understand, let us go to see the feelings of others after the failure of the business, we hope to be vigilant.

in the middle, in the most difficult times, you may always think good success friends have a fantasy of you, then you ask for help, but received a lesson in your sincere words and earnest wishes, in addition to regret what no harvest.

gradually, if you do not fall, you will learn to say "no!" , you no longer have vanity, no longer believe in miracles, you have a lot of their own principle of doing things, you will no longer be inciting others to poetic and excited, you are not for the temporary difficulties and the loss, you will be neither humble nor pushy and any so-called success when dealing with, because you know it is a business, you can begin patiently to communicate with anybody, because you know everyone is your friend, you will not ask anyone, because you know only the exchange mall not begging……

so, money started coming into your pockets. This time you’ve learned to control your greed, and you’ll never spend a penny on anything that doesn’t concern you. You’d rather drink with friends

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