Chinese barbecue shop care brand is the top priority

now, the barbecue industry has become a food and beverage industry in the small classification of gold, with the arrival of summer, its demand will be more robust. Mr. Deng in the National Day holiday did not rest, because he was busy learning Chinese medicine barbecue production technology, in order to open in Chengdu, the first Chinese medicine barbecue shop to prepare. He said that the Chinese herbal medicine barbecue shop certainly great market.

"thoroughly tempered if I opened Chinese barbecue shop, not only see this lucrative business opportunities, but also by the Chinese barbecue founder Gao Jianxiao Rao not to create a brand will and impressed by the spirit."

1993 years, the poor family of Gao Jianxiao with 80 yuan tolls, alone came to a construction site as a porter. One evening after work, Gao Jianxiao faint in the ground, when he woke up, a barbecue smell. He opened his eyes, a man hand holding water, holding a few strings for him to eat barbecue.

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