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Chinese catering market has two dishes that are the delicacy chiefs, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine, the cuisine has always been to their stories to impress people, everybody may know Japanese sushi story, and the story of people Baikanbuyan night canteen.

"eat" since ancient times is the largest life theme, catering development has always been shirupozhu. Therefore, the selection of the project investment in the food and beverage industry is a good choice.

Japanese cuisine PK Korean cuisine

if the Japanese PK Korean delicacy, more delicious than anyone, who would you choose? On the light delicate, sweet or spicy colorful food here? Both of them are a little similar, they are essentially different, today embarked on an in-depth and different kind of Japanese restaurant tour.

A group of

meters VS gimbap

figure Sushi

no fancy technology, no complex seasoning ingredients, only need to perfect and fresh taste, showing itself is the best sushi, just do this, fresh seafood, fat lip, Steamed Rice sweet, mixed with spicy fragrance, of course, fresh wasabi mud. Many people have kimbap as sushi, but they do have in common.

Japanese sushi has many categories, according to the production methods can be divided into revolute and involute, according to different shapes can be divided into sushi, sushi roll, Inari, fresh sea urchin, abalone, shrimp, salmon, cod Scallop in Shell, milt, tuna, salmon and other fresh slices in the sea white fragrant glutinous rice and vegetable roll, knead a pinch after wipe on fresh green mustard sauce, finally into the antique porcelain…… So the combination of color, is the real "beautiful enough to feast the eyes".

compared to a variety of Japanese sushi derived from the classification, there is only one Korean seaweed roll. The biggest difference is that the method of seaweed package, sushi and seaweed roll is the most similar to the small volume, but the laver roll size will be generally larger, in addition to the small volume of the package is not similar to the seaweed roll. Most of the seafood and sushi, laver roll with pickled food (mainly radish cucumber like, sometimes with egg), although not so exquisite sushi, taste is also very happy!

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