Beauty loan help half the sky entrepreneurship to create a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem

"half the sky" entrepreneurial strength is more and more powerful, there are a lot of social forces to help. In Taizhou, Luqiao, the beauty of the loan to help women entrepreneurs help. Support entrepreneurship policy needs to be further improved.

"the loan funds were available, my studio equipment has taken shape, I’m going to apply immediately." As a result of advertising creative design, Ms. Chen opened a text to create the main design studio. In the near future, she intends to purchase a large number of printing equipment, while the introduction of photographic technology, because of the problem of funding and worried.

to help women self-help business innovation, Luqiao Agricultural Bank in the city to launch the "beauty of the loan". The focus of the loan for the local women’s independent innovation in Luqiao, and women in different places in Luqiao entrepreneurial innovation financing needs, interest rate concessions, simple procedures.



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