Andouble’s visit to China in September 3rd, the Japanese Foreign Ministry denied the news

in September 3rd this year is the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war China anniversary, on a very special day like this, Chinese will be held at the grand parade, according to the latest news that the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will visit china.

"Daily News" reports are quite sure, and there is a lot of details. The newspaper, citing a number of Japanese diplomatic sources "intelligence reports, the morning of September 3rd, will be held in Beijing to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War China parade, President Xi Jinping will deliver an important speech. In the afternoon, the reception will invite about 50 national leaders, including Andouble. In order to review the military activities in Japan refused to participate in the proposed Abe only participate in the afternoon program. According to relevant sources, due to the military parade, Beijing airport will be closed on the morning of September 3rd 3 hours, Abe is coordinating the agenda, is expected at the end of the parade, the airport grounded restrictions canceled to Beijing.


"Daily News" had previously reported that in mid July the Japanese National Security Secretary Yamauchi Masataro’s visit to China, China has put forward 3 conditions of Andouble’s visit to China — with the 4 political documents in the daytime; follow the "Murayama talk show spirit; the prime minister did not visit the Yasukuni shrine. 18, the newspaper quoted diplomatic sources as saying Beijing, China believes that Andouble in the 70 years after the war in the conversation in the "deep reflection" and "apology", and agreed to the afternoon of September 3rd Andouble’s visit to China, and held talks with leaders of Chinese.

"Japanese economic news" 18 reported that the Japanese government not only in promoting Andouble’s visit to China, and also to negotiate, to Japan and South Korea summit. "Daily News" said recommended

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