Good fortune in the summer to open a business fried potato shop

the summer season, the public appetite is generally not good, so many entrepreneurs at the special snack market, and strive to find a reliable rich project, actually open a fried potato shop is a good choice.

1. is the first choice of a good operating point, it is best to be closer to the school, with an area of 4 ~ 5 square meters, and to obtain the consent of the relevant departments.

2. for health inspection, and to the designated industry and commerce, epidemic prevention departments for business, health permits.

3. with above two documents to the business sector for business license.

operating funds

1. housing rental (year) and filing fees, a total of about 4000 yuan.

2. in a quarter as a settlement time unit, the need to dry potatoes 300 kg per month, to the acquisition price of $20 per kilogram, then the purchase price of $18000 per quarter.

3. store and buy cooking oil, food bags, tools, etc., estimated to cost up to 2000 yuan.

More than three of total

, fried potato store start-up capital for about 30 thousand yuan.

investment income

1. per bag of potato chips (50 grams) price of 2.5 yuan.

2. every day to 10 kg (200 bags) for sale, turnover of $500. In this way, a monthly turnover of about 15000 yuan.

3. monthly net profit: deduct the purchase cost of 300 kg × $20 / kg =6000 yuan, taxes, market management fees total $2000, edible oil and fuel costs 600 yuan, operating loss of $400. The net profit of 15000-6000-2000-600-400=6000 yuan.

This investment is the key to

is to ensure adequate supply, because potatoes are seasonal crops, and must be made of fresh potato chips. So, it is best to find a place to provide raw materials (ie, dried potato chips) in the potato rich partners to ensure adequate supply.

2. potatoes into 6 into the hot fried crispy to remove the skin, until the oil temperature of 7 into the heat, the pan fry a few seconds to remove, ham out a few seconds;

3. pot oil, garlic slices, Long Pepper Fried fragrant;

4. stir fry bean paste, add a small amount of water, stir fry all the materials, recommend

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