Anhui will launch a double Jianghuai activities

in today’s society such an era of entrepreneurship, all over the country are actively carry out a series of entrepreneurial activities in Anhui, recently launched a double take Jianghuai activities, will further boost the development of social entrepreneurship activities.

Entrepreneurship and innovation environment for the construction of

The key point of

at the same time the implementation of industrial cluster upgrading brand operations, with 30 provincial industrial clusters professional town construction as a benchmark, to enhance the quality of development of existing 189 industrial clusters. To carry out the wisdom of the cluster construction and identification work to promote the establishment of the province’s industrial clusters innovation and development alliance. The implementation of new special expertise to cultivate growth action, focus on the development of ten high growth industries, small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui province "compiled" specialization fine "development planning", foster a number of core competitiveness of the national "singles champion", "Little Giant industries" and "supporting the implementation of" expert "net financial e+ service million action. The establishment of small and medium enterprises online financial supermarket, financial institutions to promote product supply and financing needs of SMEs precise docking.



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