Restaurants want to enhance the consumer experience of – from what the whole

if a customer does not have a good consumer experience, I am afraid it will be difficult to become a repeat customer of this store, there is no way to enhance the performance of the store. And into a restaurant, the first thing you feel is the decoration and the atmosphere, and further is the service staff and attitude. If you can let consumers fall in love with the food store while enjoying the environment, then I believe they will be loyal customers in your store.

to give customers a better consumer experience has become the direction of the food and beverage industry in recent years, whether it is food and beverage to join the project or a separate restaurant. The restaurant environment can be said to contain many aspects, such as environment, light and color atmosphere, inside and outside the premises of the waiter and behavior to consumers of the services, are visible as perceived factors, it determines whether consumers again. So what can enhance the consumer experience for the restaurant?

is the first to be able to shop at the entrance of the environment to create. Store entrance is beautiful, glass doors and windows, aisles are clean and tidy, the name and logo of the restaurant is correct, whether the form of the atmosphere. There is one point about the service, the customer is in a position to provide whether temporary rest and seat, there are a lot of restaurants are doing well, like sea fishing in a time not only is the chair, also provide small food and beverage and entertainment small puzzle game for customers. These will make the customer feel very intimate, even if a lot of time is willing to eat this house.

second is to create a store environment. For restaurants, the customer into the store after the feeling is also very important, like orientation design and restaurants is not reasonable, the overall decorative effect is to make the customer feel warm, or feel too serious about this of course feel stiff, according to your restaurant style set. If you are the main business dining, office talk about a good place, then the decoration is too warm and lovely is not appropriate.

The last point of

is the creation of "microclimate". In the store environment, in addition to the visual gives a sense of comfort, lighting, color, temperature and humidity control is equally important. For example, in winter, the indoor temperature is not less than 22 degrees, the temperature should not be higher than the summer temperature of 24 degrees, which will make consumers feel more comfortable. Because it is necessary to take into account more people will naturally increase the temperature, as well as in China, we are still more accustomed to eat hot food, most of the food is hot, this factor should also be considered. A little note also is the noise, a lot of racket catering shop, although the business is good but the other people, let people think two people speak does not hear, will allow customers to feel uncomfortable.

we invest in entrepreneurship is actually a lot of choice, and in the entire venture capital market, the catering industry has always been a very good development

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