Family members and entrepreneurial veterans how to arrange

venture capital market in China, a family once there is a successful business, so relatives are willing to plug in, from the middle to find a satisfactory job. Due to human feelings, entrepreneurs are not good to refuse, which will naturally be detrimental to the long-term development of the cause. So, the interpersonal relationship in Chinese society is too complex, so many problems are difficult. Precisely because of this, visionary entrepreneurs to prepare for a rainy day, to deal with these problems at the beginning. If these problems already exist, it will be difficult to solve.

says a positive example.

Jiangsu has a business, inherited his father’s company, the boss is very bold. Just take over soon, wife requires let her brother to do the purchasing manager, Ruanmoyingpao he refused, and later even father-in-law is to intercede, he ultimately did not promise.

he said, brother whom I did not know you never do anything without patience, I haven’t seen him in earnest to do a job, always standing to sitting, sitting to lying down, afraid of tired. If I ask him to do the purchasing manager, is not to let me take care of him?

who doesn’t know much more about the purchasing department? If I asked him to do the purchasing manager, not only do things well, in the end I would like to help him wipe his ass, then the company’s other people will think, how to see? So, I would rather give him a monthly salary, but also can not let him come to work, he loves to do.

two months later, the boss also cut his uncle general manager of the office of the office, cut off his brother’s first deputy general manager after three months. His reason is that the company is in the development stage, it is necessary to use the time, they not only help me busy, but gave me a lot of resistance, do not move their work can not be carried out.

needless to say, it is very difficult to make such a decision, and it is even more difficult to remove these two loved ones, but he is still difficult to do, to do. Not for anything else, is to the company in accordance with the concept of modern enterprise development.

so, what is the problem with the boss’s uncle and brother? Uncle not only their own work, did not play a regulatory role in various departments, but also like to drink, as long as a drink anything can promise. In addition, the age is big, the work can not keep up with the fast pace of the company. And his brother is basically "fish in the bowl, pull a move", what things have to be arranged so that he can do, can not effectively share responsibility. And the style of life is a problem, and the female subordinates together, the wife often come to the company, the impact of the company is not good.

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