26 year old guy selling buns earn ten million

in the road of entrepreneurship, in fact, there are a lot of more ordinary entrepreneurs, at the same time, so that some of the more ordinary entrepreneurs who often have some unusual business story.


made small steamed stuffed bun billion to buy the

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strengthen the interactive precise positioning service

"good stuff does not promote, not let people enjoy the benefits and convenience, enterprises are facing challenges," Mr. Liu said, the premise of network marketing is something better, so the company set up the construction of a central kitchen, vegetable base, to strengthen the control of the food supply chain, to ensure the control of the various sales outlets. In order to achieve cost control and quality control. In terms of network marketing, three years ago, the company has done micro-blog, the promotion of the site, and now is to build a mobile phone APP and WeChat marketing. Young people like to use a mobile phone, we will develop a mobile terminal, choose to order their favorite buns on the network, to pay, we will be delivered through the nearest store door. For example, residents of the community at home to eat breakfast, the night before or after getting up, young white-collar workers can not afford to eat breakfast to the unit, we will be served." In addition, can also be paid through the network, in a recent store pickup. Why do you think it is recommended to launch APP

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