Beijing taxi drops to send a single adjusted

believe that people have experienced drops taxi, a lot of people in Beijing travel, will consider drops taxi, to bring more convenience to people, to win recognition. With the Beijing city " about booking a taxi management service management rules" is a transitional period of 5 months near the end, Beijing city will net about car drivers for household registration in Beijing, Beijing license or vehicle regulations will be more rigorous.

company announced yesterday from Beijing Sanhuan gradually to the non Beijing card to send a single vehicle to stop, that is to say the next non Beijing card driver will not operate drops in the three ring, then the new regulations will not have an impact on your trip? Future about the pattern of the car will be what kind of change?

20 this month, the content is a lot of operations in Beijing Express has received the driver drops such a message: "according to the requirements of Beijing transportation departments tomorrow, we will gradually stop in Beijing tricyclic non Beijing card to send a single about cars, in order to protect the rights and interests of the owners, you drop suggestions you can return to the home to pick a single plate, or participate in recycling second-hand car, car rental, Car Buying preferential preferential plan."

for this, reporters call the drops of travel, their staff said: from the driver side has sent a message to the driver, will gradually stop in Beijing Sanhuan, non Beijing about the car to send a single . Currently in accordance with the new policy, in accordance with the requirements of gradually clean up non-standard vehicles.

in Beijing city in December last year released the "net about booking a taxi business service management rules", not only requires the driver must have a of about Beijing Beijing car, also has specific requirements for vehicles, whether have the qualification etc.. This time, the only limit drops sent Sanhuan non Beijing card driver, the driver can also ring outside the normal orders, every staff also said that this is a gradual process, "the first ring, then the fourth ring rings."

now about the car drops taxi, a more stringent management, so that more people are concerned about the future development of drops taxi. Now 5 months of the transition period is over, the relevant system is also constantly adjusted, many passengers said the car ride around the will be more at ease. But there are passengers worried about the future appointment of the about the car waiting time will not increase.

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