Nanjing imperial Museum officially opened the whole

2017 is at the beginning of the month, the imperial Museum officially opened its doors, which is built in the city of Nanjing Museum, the Museum of history as the theme of the exhibition hall, demonstrating the different historical cultural stories to provide a learning place for the majority of young people, deserve more attention.

imperial museum museum includes the main hall, Nanyuan and Jiangnan examination Mingyuan site area three areas, a total area of 22 thousand square meters. The main museum is the focus area of imperial culture, experience; Nanyuan Jiangnan examination is the main supporting area of the imperial Museum; Mingyuan site area is mainly Mingyuan, to the courtroom, ancient inscriptions and some number of homes. Both sides of the main museum also has a gift shop in Qinhuai, tourist service centers and other ancillary facilities.

according to reports, the Nanjing municipal government launched the project Chinese imperial Museum in October 2012, the Jiangnan examination of historical relics, part number in repairing and protecting homes and buildings and other relics of the premise that far, the construction of the imperial Museum and the necessary facilities. Nanjing is the birthplace of one of the Chinese imperial examination system and the imperial culture, it has witnessed the Chinese imperial examination system from the generation, development and mature to the whole process of termination, especially the peak of the imperial examination system during the two dynasties, Jiangnan examination is occupies a very important position in the national examination, not only has the longest history and Gongyuan largest, and out of most talents and the best preserved ruins. The museum is built right in Qinhuai.

with our pavilion, people can learn about the history of that era. As we all know, Nanjing is the beginning of China’s imperial examination system, and in the imperial examination Museum, people can easily understand the cultural relics of the imperial examination, so that people can better learn and enrich their knowledge.

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