Hefei actively carry out preparatory work to improve the capital of the most beautiful old city – Ne

the most beautiful capital of the preparatory work has been carried out, as a small partner in Hefei work and life is not very excited? Hefei City, is a boutique city building, Mount Huangshan road and other roads are implementing quality transformation, the concern of the Shushan Forest Park half of the street will be completed at the end of April, then open to the public.

Hefei will create the most beautiful capital city

recently, the State Ministry of Housing recently officially approved, the province of Hefei, Ma’anshan became the first batch of urban design pilot cities. This also means that the future of the city of Hefei will have a qualitative improvement, urban design will also be more to the fine, human culture forward." According to the relevant person in charge of the planning department of Hefei, the city is one of the earliest cities to carry out urban design work.

after ten years of urban construction, the city of Hefei has formed a large framework framework. In 2016, the city started the boutique city construction, according to the plan, the next step will be to city design as a means to further improve the ecological restoration and repair of the city "double" work, improve the old city infrastructure of public service facilities, beautify the living environment, promote the organic renewal of the City, continue to carry out the main ecological corridor the river, ecological restoration and management work, and strive to build Hefei into one of the most beautiful capital city of Chinese.

, the Yangtze River Road Road will be changed to

According to reports, the city of Hefei last year launched 9 municipal road and the quality of the road construction projects, such as the 6 district level road, such as

. At present, the screen has completed the Yaohai characteristic street in Luyang District, Town God’s Temple District, district two, jar Street three, Baohe District Economic Development Zone Tianzhu Road, Wuhu Road, Mount Huangshan road project; the demonstration project is being implemented. According to the plan, 3 kilometers of the Yangtze River Road, 1.5 kilometers of the Yangtze River Road (wulidun overpass – Ring Road No. 2) plans with the line engineering construction site. Huizhou Avenue, Baohe Avenue, Shouchun Road, East Ring Road, Mingguang Road have been completed design, preliminary work is being carried out in engineering bidding.

first is to improve the road traffic situation in Hefei, hoping to make Hefei more beautiful. Half of the street will create special delicacy project, the main push "vegetarian diet" concept, advocating quality, low-fat, low sugar, no chemical added green food, for one thing, there is Zen, to create authentic vegetarian culture experience.

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