The cake make money – Maotai franchise

has the strength of the brand food to join the project, has been a very trusted choice. So, small business to choose to join the Tujia sauce cake? Good project, good choice, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining us!

Tujia Maotai cake cake sauce Tujia join? Join headquarters, also known as the Tujia Tujia cake Maotai sauce cake cake, Hubei Maotai, Enshi Maotai Maotai Wuhan cake, pie, cake or sweet sauce cake referred to as maotai. It is a special snack of Changyang Tujia Nationality in Hubei, Enshi. In the spring of 2009 in Hubei. This cake is sweet, sweet, spicy, crisp as the main characteristics, it is fragrant, sweet with cotton, spicy but not dry, crisp outside soft. Eat it, is a kind of food. According to legend, this cake is the Tujia people in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, a Wudang Mountains law named Telford monks, homemade vegetarian food, medicine and Taoism fitness danfang spices peru. Where Wudang Mountains pilgrims worship, after tasting are praised, of praise, from Wudang Mountains disciples all over the sky, incense. Later this technology was introduced into the simple Tujia pilgrims hand, for hundreds of years, with its unique flavor in Tujia folk heritage. Tujia people to it very much, every harvest feast day, we gather together, Maotai cake is an integral part of the delicacy of flavor.

two, Tujia Maotai pie

sauce cake, in short, Maotai cake is in pastry making brush on a special incense sauce.

three, the operating area of the headquarter of Tujia flavor cake

business area, Maotai cake is generally take food, do not need to provide a seat. Investment is not large, generally need 2 – 3 people to operate, the store can be small, but the minimum needs of 3 square meters. Carts can also operate.

four, Maotai sales

Tujia cake

sauce cake is done, according to the needs of customers, with a knife cut into fan-shaped pieces, on scales sold catty, generally about five yuan a pound, more than 50% of the profits, the use of coated kraft paper bags, the sale of affordable, clean and sanitary, customers can pick up and eat, walk to eat, very suitable for modern fast-paced life. Maotai cake small investment, quick return, high demand, broad market, has become the preferred project many snacks entrepreneurs.

six, Tujia cake joined


learning the first to taste the flavor of bread, comparison, and learning satisfaction after payment. We have no reservation to teach the students all the formula, under the guidance of a professional master personally, and from the face of the sauce to do pancake pancake, the students hand in hand, until skilled enough to sell the business so far. As long as the serious practice, generally 3 days or so, we are not limited to learning >

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