Fujian college students’ venture is allowed to drop out

now more and more college students to join the entrepreneurial team, but for students who have not graduated from school if you want to start their own business to achieve their dreams? In this regard, Fujian province for college students entrepreneurship graduation issues, in accordance with the provisions need to be in consultation with the school for years of entrepreneurship.

Fujian Provincial Department of Education recently issued "on deepening the reform of higher education sixteen measures of the notice", allowing students to adjust academic course, retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship, determine the school life according to the needs and the business negotiation, in the original educational system based on the extended 2 to 5 years.

Fujian province will set up special funds for innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities to support innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities. Colleges and universities are required to build innovative institutions of education and practice base, to have a fixed place and a certain area of various forms of innovation and entrepreneurship platform. To 2020, the independent use of every public universities innovative practice base area of not less than 3000 square meters.

Fujian will also implement the ability of teachers to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship education program, by 2017 to train teachers in Colleges and universities innovative 500. At the same time, the establishment of innovative teachers to enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship training system for sending, full-time teachers every two years for at least 2 months to post training industry.

in the business support, Fujian province took years to extend the 2-5, provides a good platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for college students entrepreneurship, more is to encourage the innovation of entrepreneurship, but also for other college students’ Entrepreneurship provides exemplary implementation.

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