7 managers are big fooled Xining City Bureau of industry and Commerce out of a MLM dens

April 11th, the city of Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau in conjunction with Industrial and Commercial Bureau Nanchuan Road police station, take away a MLM dens.

after preliminary investigation, the MLM organization involved from Chongqing, Fujian, most of the relatives, friends, classmates as the development object, the formation of offline relationships, the development of staff of 3200 yuan to buy a drink nourishing health can become the company’s membership, membership in the name of the development of a line, and then buy nourishing health drink 3200 the company will give the Commission according to sales of products 60%, 1 to 9 members, or to sell 1 sets to 9 sets of products to become the chief level, the development of 57 Members or to sell 57 sets of products will become the director level, to director level company will return 245 thousand yuan. The day of the 7 involved in the investigation were managers, director level.


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