North dredging 7000 cubic meters of dredging drainage

to the annual flood season, the north main flood channel will be filled with silt, in recent years, the North District construction departments to conduct a comprehensive dredging wrecker on 5 key sections of flood control, dredging a total of about 7000 cubic meters, flood drainage capacity of flood protection.

it is understood that the north area of North Lane, Chaoyang Laohugou built, Xiaosigou, Baoziwan town ditch and three or four car factory Mafang floodway 5 key flood control in a comprehensive dredging wrecker. Laohugou for Xining city flood control key areas, rain cover an area of 0.83 square kilometers, 30 meters north of the city drainage area, and every year on a regular basis the dredging wrecker can effectively prevent the spread of mountain torrents,; Song Jia Zhai Cun ditch floodway channel section, 2000 meters long, is often serious smelting slag and domestic garbage such as jam, District Construction Bureau in flood season has carried on the comprehensive dredging. (reporter correspondent Zhao Yongming)


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