Our new seismological observation points

in order to further strengthen the macro observation work of the earthquake observation group in our city, popularize and encrypt the observation range of the macroscopic observation points, and further improve the quality of the original data. Recently, my staff has to Huangyuan County Township, Huangzhong County, plus rural township spring spot for field trips. By the implementation of two springs is consistent with the macro seismic standards, Huangyuan county and Huangzhong county and township village medicine group added two points as the spring township government macro earthquake observation point, at the same time, carry on macro observations of seismic member functions and other aspects of the service industry comprehensive explanation and training. The requirements of earthquake macroscopic observation personnel should firmly establish "rather not Zhen thousand days, one day does not prevent" thinking, conscientiously perform their duties, give full play to the basic role of macro observation, earthquake observation in earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in the.

through training, determine the duties, responsibilities, observers said according to positions, carefully observation records, do report on observation, month, special cases reported in a timely manner, and actively to the masses around the propaganda of earthquake science knowledge, improve people’s awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. At the same time, I am on the new selection of observation points listed ceremony.

at present, the two spring earthquake macroscopic observation point for the macro observation of the operation.


group plus observer and observer

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