On Saturday the city will meet snow cooling

December 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, this Saturday (12 May) the city will usher in the first snowfall this month, during the maximum temperature will fall to 0 degrees, the minimum temperature is not changed.Flat

I mayor time into the winter precipitation, and even a lot of people feel a little warm this winter. This winter, the temperature and precipitation in the city than in previous years, what is it? Taiwan Meteorological meteorological service personnel on November and in the past made a comparison: Xining in November the average temperature is 0.8 degrees centigrade to 1.4 DEG C, compared with the same period the year, Huangyuan high 3.6 C, 3.3 C Datong high, Huangzhong high 2.8 degrees, 1.4 degrees high Xining; monthly rainfall of 5.9 mm to 7.7 mm, compared with the same period the year, Xining, Datong and Huangyuan is 6, Huangzhong flat.

this Saturday will usher in the snow cool weatherHow about

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