Long term concern frontline workers, people comfortable, we think the value

In October 3rd 10, the provincial capital of Hehuang area light rentouzandong, sanitation workers master Ma kept shuttle in the crowd, with the fastest speed up the pedestrian throwing away the wrapping paper, cigarette butts and other trash. "I’m in this section of street for 3 years during the holidays, the pedestrian here increased, when is my busiest." Speak, master Ma and quickly walked to the crowd, a food bag into the garbage bucket. Every day in the street to turn a dozen times, today, many pedestrians, more to turn several times."

gold nine silver ten, is the wedding season. During the festival, more people get married. Color paper flowers and the entrance of the hotel to the sanitation workers drifting profusely and disorderly increase the difficulty of cleaning. Ma said the master, they are most afraid of windy day encounter wedding scene. Whenever they encounter this situation, their only way is to postpone the lunch time, focusing on the strength of several operations around the group together".

in the Garden Street East, sanitation workers master Zhang wiping litterbin by the hands of the cloth, the holidays, the garbage to clean, although hard, but as long as people comfortable, we think of the job value."

3 pm, on the bridge street, 52 year old sanitation workers master Li holding a dustpan, holding a broom, sweeping out the garbage, the hot weather did not affect her work enthusiasm.

the weather is hot, sweating more, drinking water naturally will not be less. "Every morning I go out with a big pot of water. But this is hot every day, I bring my own water soon after drinking, the owner of some shops around are very enthusiastic, willing to provide us with hot water." During the interview, a young man carrying a bag to come to ask for directions, Li Shifu put down the broom, enthusiastic to give him directions.

in South Gate Street, 59 year old Liu Qinglan just finished cleaning the road, is under a tree to rest. "Hot weather, a cup of water out of the home every day is not enough to drink." Liu Qinglan said, a jewelry shop in the vicinity of the boss who is very good, often called her to go to the store to rest your feet. For the beauty of the city, the provincial capital of nearly two thousand sanitation workers every day at 5 in the morning when the day began to clean up the work, the rest of the time at 11, in the afternoon and appeared on the road on time, has been busy until the evening. (author: Wu Yachun)


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