Xining Chengdong 554 small and micro enterprises for tax incentives

Since the micro tax preferential policies for enterprises to implement, to the end of October this year, a total of 554 Small and micro businesses get tax relief 1 million 440 thousand yuan in total area of East area. Among them, 270 of the Small and micro businesses free invoice fee of 120 thousand yuan, for 465 years Small and micro businesses to deduct 240 thousand yuan total turnover tax 1 million 320 thousand yuan. At the beginning of the implementation of preferential tax policies, some small and micro enterprises lack of professional financial personnel, accounting system is not perfect, do not understand the tax policy, thus giving up many of the preferential policies should be enjoyed. In this case, the tax department promptly organize the tax administrator active contact with the enterprise, to explain how to handle the procedures for the determination of enterprise policies and regulations and guide enterprises, so that these Small and micro businesses to fully understand the government on the Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies. (author: Yang Jian)

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