Xining food and Drug Administration held a summary of the work in the first half

7 on the morning of 6 may, more than the Secretary of the Xining Municipal Bureau of food and Drug Administration held a summary of the work of the first half of 2009. Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan branch secretary, deputy director and all staff of the City Council attended the meeting.

meeting listened to the work of the first half of 2009 and the work of the second half of the work of the three County branch offices and bureaus, pointed out the existing problems, put forward the basic ideas of the second half of the work. The first half of this year, the Council organs and departments and three county bureau according to the unified deployment of bureau to carry out in-depth study and practice the Scientific Outlook on Development event as an opportunity to pay close attention to team building; to strengthen food safety supervision; to rectify and standardize the market order of the food machinery, to achieve positive results. During the first half of the year, received a total of 16 cases of drug complaint, general drug illegal cases registered since 7, closed 6 cases, the confiscation of goods worth 31 thousand and 500 yuan, 22 thousand and 500 yuan fines. Acceptance of the newly established drug enterprises retail (chain) business license, a total of 214 changes, agreed to license and change the matter of 175. Drug testing vehicles enabled 15 days, travel 3000 kilometers, quickly seized over 269 kinds of varieties, complete the task of the 700 batch of drug sampling. Foreign drug investigation letter 126 reply. Pharmaceutical companies involved in the organization of the person in charge, quality managers and practitioners training seven, to further regulate the pharmaceutical market order has played a positive role. The organization and coordination of food safety supervision departments of law enforcement officers were dispatched 6273 people (Times), vehicle 1328 (Times), check the plant breeding, production and processing, market circulation, catering enterprises in four aspects of various types of food enterprises (shop) 27659 (Times), and counterfeit, expired spoiled food and 25796 bags (3092 kg bottle), fake Fuzhuan Tea 3151, effectively purify the food market environment.

, deputy director of the Bureau of Party members, Ma Shengrong and Zhang Shenghui respectively, and puts forward some suggestions for the Chaco department and comprehensive food safety coordination office and business department inspection on the second half of the market supervision, focus on strengthening the team construction, to continue to carry out in-depth study and practice activities, Scientific Outlook on Development actively carry out food and drug supervision and management system, organization adjustment to carry out the holidays and "Lake Race" and other major events during the period of food safety special rectification work, continue to strengthen the pharmaceutical and medical devices market supervision, comprehensive rural medical market special rectification work and strengthen the Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine quality special inspection and good infrastructure construction and other aspects of the arrangements.

finally, bureau party secretary, director Zhou stressed: asking the bureau system for all staff in key period of institutional reform to further strengthen the sense of responsibility, clarify ideas, innovative methods of work, establish and improve the accountability system, do their work conscientiously, make their own contribution to protect the city’s public food and drug safety.


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