Xining Municipal Bureau of Urban Management Bureau to accept social supervision

recently, careful people will find that the box column many bus stop kiosks in Xining city have set up urban responsibility photos, phone, etc. This is the duty of information, set up the Urban Management Bureau of Xining city inspectors responsible person post publicity column, publicity to the community law enforcement and the responsibility of the cleaning ring guard duties let the inspectors work, accept social supervision.

from the beginning of the end of April, the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau set up urban management responsibility post publicity column, in the city’s more than and 100 Bus Station Pavilion box column at present, setting work has been completed. It is understood that the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau of the implementation of the posts, will be responsible, personnel, sections of the post responsibility system of law enforcement personnel, the establishment of urban management responsibility post publicity column is effective measure to implement the system of post responsibility. The law enforcement and publicity column posted photos of people responsible for sanitation cleaning, telephone, city, district urban management responsibilities and supervision of telephone, the general public can through publicity content, city management and effective supervision of urban management personnel actively involved in law enforcement. (author Jia Zhongying)


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