Prosecutors escort the general election

The day before, the North District People’s Procuratorate sent a working group to carry out propaganda of "two committees" in Wu Zhong Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen election publicity focused on the legal activities, to ensure that during the period of the "two committees" election law publicity work place. Wu Zhong Cun is the village Party branch of the hospital administration for many years, in order to make known to every family of relevant laws and regulations, prosecutors use All the world knows., the village set up legal consultation, visiting and other forms of advocacy activities, for the villagers to the village Party branch "election and confusion about" the village committee "of the election situation and a detailed explanation of the" two committees "in the election of different voters, the villagers have a clear understanding; using panels 10, 3 banners, display, and legal provisions related to the election case; according to different objects, easy to understand and accept the masses issued publicity materials, issued a total of 900 copies of promotional materials; long sent two party cadres as village cadres, regularly carry out" sending law to the countryside "and other activities, so that the villagers voluntarily accept legal education imperceptibly.  

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