Xining City real estate authority for the Huangzhong group of rural poor people do practical things

news recently in Qinghai, Xining City Housing Authority will be the value of seed subsidies and fertilizer supplies twenty thousand yuan to the poor masses in the hands of Huangzhong County Qunjia township.

it is understood that since the Xining City Housing Authority since 2001 with Huangzhong County Qunjia township to carry twinning activities, the leadership of the Party Committee Bureau repeatedly into Qunjia Township, a detailed understanding of the village people’s production and life and village organization construction, when they learned that the group added rural economic development lags behind, difficult life of the masses, the village Party members the old activity room and no audio-visual equipment after the news to poor households, poor households to send condolences to Kim and flour, fertilizer, and ninety thousand yuan of investment in the construction of the village party room, equipped with audio-visual equipment and office supplies, improve the production and living conditions of villagers and village organizations activities. This year, the City Real Estate Management Bureau of the countryside cadres in the spirit of Qunjia Xiang preach the document at the central and provincial, to continue to pay attention to the production and living conditions of the masses, to understand the crops and breeding livestock group before and after the last year with the cultivation of rural masses has suffered four major natural disasters, economic losses suffered after the situation, to mobilize the worker donate to buy fertilizer to the hands of the masses. (author: Yan Erwei)


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