Xining investigated 28 cases of crimes from the same period last year rose by 17.6%

this year, anti-corruption Department of Xining City prosecutors focus on carry out the attorney abide by occupation morality, promoting impartial and honest law enforcement "theme practice requirements, further strengthen the work of measures to make the work of investigating crimes has made good progress. As of June 10th, the city’s total crimes investigation cases 28 40 people, compared with the same period last year increased by 17.64% the number of filing.

this year, the city’s procuratorial organs play an integral role in the investigation of duty crime investigation work, strengthen the organization and leadership of the superior Institute of district and county hospital work and supervision and inspection, handling progress timely to understand and grasp the hospital, while strengthening the clues Mopai, plus big nest Chuanan investigating efforts, for some the state-owned enterprises in tendering, procurement, construction and other aspects of strict supervision and management, key areas and key sectors of the initiative into the crime prone clues Mopai, broaden the source channels, such as the city prosecutor’s investigators of the anti corruption bureau according to the masses, to further expand Mopai clues found serious economic problems in our city a state-owned company, after a thorough investigation, the investigation of the company’s general manager, deputy general manager of Sun Yang, Luo, Deputy Branch book Ji Ma and Wang, accounting for 5 people suspected of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds.


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