Today, the province ushered in a new round of precipitation days

According to the latest meteorological data analysis, affected by the cold air from the north and southwest of warm air, the night of August 19th to 21, there will be a precipitation process in our province, heavy rain in some areas, all localities should guard against heavy rain weather brings adverse effects on agricultural production.

specific forecast: 19, Yushu, the greater part, Tanggula Mountain, Qilian mountain rain or rain, the rest of the province cloudy or sunny; 20 days to 21 days, the west is cloudy, the rest of the province more than rain or rain, which Xining, Haidong, Yushu, Guoluo, Haibei, Hainan, Huangnan southern Huangnan has moderate rain, heavy rain; 22 days to 25 days, southern Xining, Haidong, Huangnan, Haibei, southern Yushu, Guoluo cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, the rest of the province is sunny or cloudy.

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