Xining National Fitness Program (2012 – 2015) released

With the gradual development of the city of Xining, the local people’s physical exercise is also up, many busy streets and residential areas, fitness venues everywhere. In July 27th, a good news, in order to improve the participation awareness of national fitness and physical quality, "the implementation of the national fitness program in Xining city (2012 – 2015)" before the freshly baked. By 2015, Xining will use the park, green space, the conditions of the construction of sports facilities, sports venues at all levels will be increased to more than 2000, fully meet the needs of the masses fitness.

is calculated according to the number of existing population in Xining City, the 2000 sports venues will let Xining public sports venues per capita reached 1.08 square meters. The District of Xining city will be basically completed the national fitness center, outdoor fitness facilities in Xining city community sports facilities and the village coverage reached 80% and 48.1%, the Xining City National Fitness formed people, convenient and beneficial sports fitness service system.

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