Xining environmental projects included in the world bank loan plan

days ago, approved by the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance in our province Xining environmental comprehensive control project of world bank loan plan included in the fiscal year 2013-2015 alternative project. The total investment of 1 billion 530 million yuan, of which the world bank loan of $150 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 930 million yuan), the domestic matching funds of $600 million. The construction of the project includes the reuse of reclaimed water, sewage treatment and sludge harmless treatment and resource utilization, sewage interception and sewage disposal, river bank environment regulation, channel management and so on.

it is reported that, at present, the city’s flood control and drainage management and utilization of the world bank loan project is being implemented, urban flood control system has been basically formed, the main city of the sewage interception pipe has been basically completed. But there are still not up to the standard of the water quality in the river, a small gap control section as inferior to five water quality problems, serious pollution, large sediment content etc.. In order to effectively solve the existing problems, the provincial development and Reform Commission actively seek, before the date of approval of the state comprehensive control project of Xining environment included in the world bank loan project planning alternatives. The construction of the project can improve the drainage system, to reduce groundwater and surface water pollution, improve the water quality of the environment, the successful implementation of water into the city construction, improve the level of comprehensive utilization of water resources, to achieve sustainable development, realize the city river comprehensive management target clear, smooth, shore green, beautiful ". At present, the provincial development and Reform Commission is working with the project units to do a good job in the preparatory work of the project, in order to promote the construction of the project as soon as possible, to play its effectiveness.


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